Raihan Jamil

Image:RainSoakedPoetRaihan Jamil, Ph.D., is the  co-reseacher and the primary content supervisor of Center for Bangladesh Genocide Research. Jamil prefers to remain behind the scenes and assist in highlighting those who need (and deserve) to be in the foreground of things. In this case, that person is the one and only MD. Mahbubur Rahman Jalal (MMRJ).

Regardless of his preferences though, MMRJ wanted him to write something about his background for the site. So he grumpily shared, "I did my O/A Levels from Dhaka, Bangladesh, my undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs from the U.S., and I am now a faculty member at a university. I enjoy making websites." When asked to share more, he added: I like sun sets, long walks on the beach, traveling . . .

At that point MMRJ ended the conversation!

The picture added here is one that he holds close to his heart. It is available online easily :)

He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..